The taboo of wearing a watch

Watch is a must-have item for everyday people. When you newly enter a new watch, you must want to know what to watch while wearing your watch. Top 5 Tips For Wearing a Watch This will help maintain our watch. Look at the 6 taboos that you need to pay attention to when you wear the watch everyday. Be careful when you wear it normally. Don’t wait until your love watch shows a problem.

wearing a watch

A watch cannot be stored with camphor

Camphor (including natural camphor, artificial camphor, coal tar brain) is an extremely volatile substance. Camphor is volatilized all the time, and molecules volatilized by camphor tend to chemically react with lubricants in the movement of the watch to degrade lubrication of the lubricant. In this way, the watch cannot move normally, which directly affects the travel time accuracy and service life. Therefore, everyone’s watches must not be stored with camphor.

the watch is afraid of severe shock and shock

The watch is a precision timing tool with small parts. Even though the mechanical watch has a shockproof part, its shockproof performance is limited to a certain extent, and it exceeds the effective range of the shockproof device. First, it will cause damage to the tip of the pendulum. In addition, other parts of mechanical watches, such as hairsprings, drill holes, wheel shaft tips, etc., may also malfunction or be damaged due to severe vibration. Although the quartz watch does not have consumable parts such as a pen tip and a hairspring, a large impact may also damage the electronic components. Therefore, when participating in sports activities or other physical activities with a large amount of activities, try not to wear watches to avoid unnecessary losses.Wear Your Watch

do not wear watches to swim

Watches are generally divided into the following waterproof grades:

Waterproof rating: 30m/100ft or 50m/165ft to prevent splashing water and rain.

Waterproof rating 2: 100 meters/330 feet or 200 meters or 660 feet, to prevent splashing drops of water and rain and can be worn for diving swimming.

Waterproof level 3: Water resistance up to 300 meters/1000 feet, can be worn for free diving or water sports.

Many watch wearers think that waterproof watches do not need to be removed during swimming. In fact, this idea is wrong. Because the general waterproof watch is not a swimming or diving watch, although it uses a sealing measure to prevent water splashing and daily sweat intrusion, it cannot be submerged in water. Because the waterproof depth marked with meters or atmospheric pressure on the general waterproof watch is the theoretical waterproof depth when the waterproof test is performed in the laboratory, the watch and the water are in a constant temperature and static state during the test. There is no constant temperature or static environment in real life. Water activities will greatly increase the water pressure on the watch. Therefore, it is best not to wear a normal waterproof watch for swimming or bathing.

watches do not contact with chemicals

The appearance of many watches such as strap, case is gold-plated, chrome-plated or titanium carbide, thin coating, mostly 3mm or less, and some cases, the strap itself is a plastic material, if the appearance of these watches or their coating The contact and erosion of chemicals such as gasoline, alcohol, paint, cosmetics, sprays, pesticides, water solvents for pharmaceuticals, and mercury after the thermometer breaks down can cause discoloration, corrosion, and even delamination.

Wear Your Watch

do not adjust the watch’s calendar at night

Calendar watches, at some time during the work can not use the fast-dial mechanism to change the date. It is usually from 22 to 3, and this time is called the restricted area.

During this period of time in the restricted area, the dial on the date dial in the calendar mechanism is just in the backlash of the calendar ring. If the calendar is adjusted by the quick dial, the rotation of the calendar ring will be hindered by the dial and the parts will be damaged. . Therefore, in the restricted area during this time can not quickly adjust the calendar, it is recommended that you choose the best daytime rapid calendar adjustments.

the watch can not be used in a strong magnetic environment

The magnetic resistance of a general mechanical watch can only achieve a magnetically shielded effect within a limited range. If it exceeds its anti-magnetic ability, the steel parts in the watch will be magnetized and the hairspring will be affected, causing the watch to be inaccurate and slow to travel. , go faster, there will be a serious stop.

In addition, although there are few steel parts in the quartz watch, strong magnetic fields may interfere with the normal operation of the rotor. Therefore, a normal watch cannot be used in a strong magnetic field environment, and it is even more impossible to put a watch on an electromagnet, a speaker, a generator, a transformer, and a large-scale electric appliance.

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