Smart Watches

Redefine smart watch with beauty.

A intelligent, intimate housekeeper makes your life easier.

Make you fashion, pretty, and cool.
Help you stay active, motivated, and healthy.
Keep you organized, informed, and connected.

Call & Message Reminding

When calls or messages arrive on your phone,
the watch will vibrate to inform you.
Never miss what matters.

Movement Monitoring One counts more than just steps.
It tracks all your movement throughout the day.

Longest Battery Life

Say goodbye to charge.
The watch can be used for 13 months after a full charge.


Sleep Monitoring

Monitor your sleep patterns for several nights.
Make a personalized sleep assessment.
Give you a better sleep.

Sedentariness Reminding

Sit less.Move more.
It’s time to get up from the desk and take a walk.


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